Books Of The Bible

OrderBook TitleChaptersVerses
I. Law
(Written by
1.The Book of Genesis501,533
2.The Book of Exodus401,213
3.The Book of Leviticus27859
4.The Book of Numbers361,288
5.The Book of Deuteronomy34959
II. Old
6.The Book of Joshua24658
7.The Book of Judges21618
8.The Book of Ruth485
9.The First Book of Samuel31810
10.The Second Book of Samuel24695
11.The First Book of Kings22816
12.The Second Book of Kings25719
13.The First Book of Chronicles29942
14.The Second Book of Chronicles36822
15.The Book of Ezra10280
16.The Book of Nehemiah13406
17.The Book of Esther10167
III. Wisdom
18.The Book of Job421,070
19.The Book of Psalms1502,461
20.The Book of Proverbs31915
21.The Book of Ecclesiastes12222
22.The Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon)8117
IV. Major
23.The Book of Isaiah661,292
24.The Book of Jeremiah521,364
25.The Book of Lamentations5154
26.The Book of Ezekiel481,273
27.The Book of Daniel12357
V. Minor
28.The Book of Hosea14197
29.The Book of Joel373
30.The Book of Amos9146
31.The Book of Obadiah121
32.The Book of Jonah448
33.The Book of Micah7105
34.The Book of Nahum347
35.The Book of Habakkuk356
36.The Book of Zephaniah353
37.The Book of Haggai238
38.The Book of Zechariah14211
39.The Book of Malachi455
VI. New
40.The Gospel According to Matthew281,071
41.The Gospel According to Mark16678
42.The Gospel According to Luke241,151
43.The Gospel According to John21879
44.The Acts of the Apostles281,007
VII. Pauline
(Written by
45.The Epistle to the Romans16433
46.The First Epistle to the Corinthians16437
47.The Second Epistle to the Corinthians13257
48.The Epistle to the Galatians6149
49.The Epistle to the Ephesians6155
50.The Epistle to the Philippians4104
51.The Epistle to the Colossians495
52.The First Epistle to the Thessalonians589
53.The Second Epistle to the Thessalonians347
54.The First Epistle to Timothy6113
55.The Second Epistle to Timothy483
56.The Epistle to Titus346
57.The Epistle to Philemon125
VIII. General
58.The Epistle to the Hebrews13303
59.The General Epistle of James5108
60.The First Epistle of Peter5105
61.The Second Epistle of Peter361
62.The First Epistle of John5105
63.The Second Epistle of John113
64.The Third Epistle of John114
65.The Epistle of Jude125
IX. Apocalyptic
66.The Book of Revelation22404
Total Number of Chapters and Verses1,18931,102


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