Bible Timeline: Major Events

Below is a list of major events in the Bible, with an approximate date for each.

Major Event
Before 4000 BC Creation of the world
2344 BCNoah and the Flood
2197 BCTower of Babel
2166 BCCall of Abram
2141 BCBirth of Isaac
1898 BC 
Joseph sold into Egypt
1446 BCIsrael’s exodus from Egypt
1406 BC Israel’s entrance to the Promised Land
1350-1051 BCTime of the Judges
1051 BCSaul becomes Israel’s first king
1011–971 BCReign of King David
959 BCSolomon’s temple completed
931 BCKingdom split in two
875–797 BCMinistries of Elijah and Elisha in Israel
760 BC (?)Jonah preaches in Nineveh
739–686 BCMinistry of Isaiah in Judah
722 BCFall of the northern kingdom to Assyria
605 BCDaniel and others taken to Babylon
586 BC The fall of the southern kingdom to Babylon
539 BCBelshazzar’s feast; Persia conquers Babylon
538 BCPersian King Cyrus calls Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple
515 BC Second temple finished
474 BCQueen Esther foils Haman’s plot to destroy all Jews
458 BCPriest Ezra arrives in Jerusalem
445 BCGovernor Nehemiah arrives and rebuilds walls of Jerusalem
331 BCAlexander the Great conquers Persia and other nations
165 BCJudas Maccabeus defeats Antiochus and rededicates temple (prophesied by Daniel)
63 BCJudea becomes subject to Rome
44 BCAssassination of Julius Caesar
5 BCBirth of Jesus Christ

AD 26–30
Christ’s ministry, death and resurrection
AD 34Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
AD 44–47Paul’s first missionary journey
AD 49Jerusalem Council
AD 60The imprisonment of Paul in Rome
AD 70Romans destroy Jerusalem temple
AD 95John writes Revelation


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