Be A Blogger – Know Where To Begin


“I want to be a blogger!” This seemed like a brilliant idea in my head. That was until I actually set out to start blogging. I started several free blogs which are now floating somewhere in cyber space – all failed. Why? Because I had no idea what it took to be a blogger and what makes a successful blog.


Know the kind of blogger you want to be. There is a plethora of bloggers out there that blog about different topics, but most importantly, they blog for different reasons. Before you even decide on anything else, you need to why you want to blog.

The objectives of your blogging will help you through the process of setting up your blog and running it with consistency. So decide why you want to blog before you decide on anything else.

Personal Blogger

Personal Blogger

Personal blogs are usually set up for fun. They talk about anything and are there for interaction. With these kinds of blogs, it is not necessary for one to set goals or do tracking of any kind. Here, you can write about things you love and are passionate about. There are no hard rules about when to post, how much you should post, or even what you should post about.

Professional Blogger

Professional bloggers are bloggers who set out with a goal to make a living with their blogs. They use various strategies and techniques to monetise their blogs through ads, affiliation marketing, selling of digital products, etc. These types of bloggers run niche blogs which focus on a specific topic or genre.

Business Blogger

These bloggers blog specifically for business purposes. They write for either their own business or a business for which they work. The goal is usually to attract more customers by bringing in more traffic and exposure through the blog. These blogs are targeted at people who have the potential to convert as customers.

Freelance Blogger

Freelance bloggers are those bloggers who write content for others as a service. They do not necessarily run their own blogs. Rather, they offer content for other bloggers or businesses and get paid for it. As a freelance blogger you can decide to write for a specific niche or you can decide to be a general writer.

Host Blogger

The blogger  gets a large portion of the content from submissions. This can be done by either receiving guest posts from specific bloggers and writers,  or can be open to the general public. What direction the blog takes in terms of who submits depends entirely on the goal and objectives of the blogger.

What kind of blog you run depends on your goals and your interests. You need to know what you want to achieve through your blog even before you set your blog up. This will help you in deciding other things such as your blog name, niche, domain name, etc.


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